Portrait Painting in the Studio


Portrait Painting in the Studio


5 Day Studio Workshop Intensive

Instructor: Joe Altwer

Monday August 12th to Friday August 16th in the studio

Start time: 9 am - 12 noon - Lunch - 1pm to 4pm , Monday to Friday

Learn to paint confidently with guest instructor Joe Altwer. A trained realist painter, Joe's work is based on traditional techniques with an impressionistic style. He will guide students through the oil painting process from start to finish. This is an ideal learning environment that is both supportive and enjoyable, with hands-on guidance and critiques tailored to meet individual needs and varied skill levels.

Students will learn:

  • Process/ steps to building up a realistic portrait

  • Drawing in paint

  • Palette organization

  • How value and color work together

  • How to economize detail

Class Description

Morning sessions with out model - Students will work on exercises based on what they will work on during the model sessions that follow. This will be the same with each day along with a demo and short talk.

Afternoon sessions with model - Students will apply concepts from am classes with the live model. Students will work on same painting all week.

Materials you will need to bring to class:

oil primed linen; Panel or stretched size 16 x 20 inches

brushes: bristle brushes of varying sizes ( bring what you have)

Oil Colors:

titanium white

yellow ocher

cadmium red medium or light

ivory black

(optional colors: lead white, cobalt blue, Naples yellow light, alizarin crimson)


Linseed oil and odorless mineral spirits

wooden or other panting palette

palette knife with rounded corners for mixing paint

medium cups

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