Imaginative Still Life Painting

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Imaginative Still Life Painting


August 6 - October 8, 2019; Every Tuesday 10-4pm

Imaginative Still Life Painting Class - Instructor Linda Schroeter

In this 10 week class I aim to help you create an imaginative still life painting. Focus on the out of the ordinary set up, the narrative, working with creature photo reference, creating the illusion of floating in the air, smoke and mirrors and mastering the techniques of oil painting in direct and in-direct layers combined.

Class is limited

“ Creativity takes courage” Henri Matisse

Materials List

Drawing Paper for initial sketches no smaller than 11 x 14"

Graphite drawing pencils

Kneaded rubber eraser

White and/or black masking tape

Brushes: Isabey or Robert Simmons are good synthetic brushes for the price.

***Please don’t bring hard hog bristle brushes.

Example Filberts, 2 each of sizes #10, #4, and #1 and Rounds, 2 each of sizes #4, #1

Painting Panel: This workshop uses a painting panel pre-primed. I recommend Ampersand Gessoboard-Museum Series, 10”x 8”, 11” x 14” to max 12” x 16”.

Palette: Plain wooden oval style with a thumb hole is good. New Wave Palettes are very comfortable to hold. Please purchase what you can afford in a medium to large size and Don’t get too small and please no white, clear or paper palettes..

(If it's brand new, please spread several thick coats of linseed oil for several days before using, or it will absorb all your oil paint.)

Palette Knife

Oil Paint:

It's worth it to invest in higher quality paints. Please don’t buy student grade.

Recommended brands:. Rublev-Natural Pigments are a really good local brand also, Old Holland, Gamblin, Michael Harding and Williamsburg are all good brands.

• Oil Paints Required for this class, if you already own tubes of oil paint, bring what you have.

• White: Titanium

• Lead White optional

• Alizarin Crimson Permanent

• Cad Red Light or Chinese Vermilion ***very expensive but worth it if your budget allows

Cadmium Yellow Light

Yellow Ochre

• Translucent Sap Green Gamblin *Optional

Cobalt Blue or Currulean ***very expensive but worth it if your budget allows

• Ultramarine Blue

• Burnt Umber

Some notes about buying paints, the color labels can be confusing:

In general, don't buy anything that says "hue" in the name of the color. It means "fake," they are cheaper and don't use real pigments.

Oils and Solvents

• Refined Linseed Oil - (read label carefully, there are many kinds of Linseed oil)

+ small jars for storing small mixed amounts of medium at the easel

• Stand Oil - small bottle

Gamsol OMS (Oderless mineral spirits by Gamblin)

please text (707-484-3533) or email me ( I will be happy to answer any of your questions, cheers Linda


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