Weekly Bargue & Cast Drawing & Painting

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Weekly Bargue & Cast Drawing & Painting

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Bargue & Cast Drawing
Instructors: Naomi Marino and Jay Blums

Beginners welcomed

Mondays, Friday and Sundays mornings 9am - 12 noon

This is an ongoing class and providing there is room you may join any time. Students may buy blocks of 7 weeks to ensure their spot.

  • The last day of class before the summer break will be Sunday, July 28th, and regular classes will begin again for the fall on Monday, September 9th.

  • Please contact Jay with any questions you may have at email jayblums@gmail.com

  • Progress will be up to each individual student. 

  • Students are encouraged to take home their Bargue drawing to work on them each week under the teachers instruction. 

  • Each student will be encouraged to finish at least one Bargue plate drawing before moving onto a cast. 

Please Note Cast Students* If you cant make a date or two its no problem, we can offer non-instructed but supervised studio time for make-up days to continue working on your cast drawing in the afternoon. Once beginners have moved to the cast you will be given an easel, cast and still life space which is yours for the consecutive time you have paid for. 

Materials List for Students ... (*indicates what we have available to purchase at the atelier)

-Graphite pencils in 2B and HB (mechanical with sharpener OR wooden pencils along with a small utility knife for sharpening and a sanding block for creating a sharp point)
- 2 kneaded erasers (one for charcoal, one for graphite)*
- stiff, white eraser (retractable works well)*
- blending stumps
- Nitram charcoal in B (soft) and HB (medium)*
- plumb line*
- knitting needle (or other measuring tool)*
- mirror*

* Paper also available for purchase at the atelier as needed

I’ll introduce some optional materials (like sponge, stipple brush, etc, on the first day, but not necessary to purchase)


This course is designed to teach students invaluable skills for improving their drawing abilities and ultimately mastering a skill set. 


•  Increase your powers of observation

•  Simplify what you see

•  Design shapes accurately and model form effectively

•  Straightforward, logical methodology, excellent preparation for cast drawing from life

•  One-on-one critiques

•  Students to be taught according to their own individual level of skill and experience

Class Description
Through the ages artists have copied and learned from the works of acknowledged masters. When Charles Bargue, one of the most exceptional draftsmen of the 19th century, designed a course of study for the École des Beaux-Arts (under master painter Jean-Léon Gérôme), he created a series of lithographs featuring sculpture from antiquity and classical Greece. These grandly beautiful forms are realistic yet idealized, already simplified from nature’s infinite complexity by master sculptors. Bargue’s drawing course was widely used at a time when art academy’s and figure painting  were flourishing, and it impacted artist’s from Picasso to Van Gogh. Ultimately the course was designed to prepare students for drawing realistically from life, culminating in figure painting.

Upon completion of a graphite Bargue drawing students will graduate to drawing plaster casts directly from life using the sight-size method. Casts are ideal for learning because they are white (limiting the complexity of the color palette somewhat) and they are immobile, allowing students to concentrate on shapes and values. Skills learned translate directly into working effectively with live models for figure and portraiture, as well still life painting. This course in unique in that it offers an art academy foundational course.

Port-folio prep and referral to classical atelier programs available, beginners to professionals wishing to greatly enhance their drawing skills, all are welcome to take this course.  We are serious about teaching you the foundation skills you need in a friendly nurturing atmosphere. No egos here we are all learning and have the same long term goals.

Beginners Drawing, Sight-Size Bargue & Cast Class

We recommend this class to be taken along with the figure class study program with Jay Blums for all those wishing to work the full atelier program.

Monday, Friday and Sunday 9am - 12 noon with Instructor: Naomi Marino 

Please Note: We will be closed for the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year and Summer vacation TBA

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