Classical Atelier Program


Classical Atelier Program

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The Classical Atelier Program is geared towards the dedicated artist in pursuit of a strong foundation of technical mastery in drawing and painting. Beginning with the morning Bargue & Cast class, is required for the afternoon Figure & Portrait class.

  • All students begin with the Bargue & Cast Class. Mornings 9am - 12 noon (This class is good for all beginners, no prerequisite required.)

  • Bargue & Cast students may move onto the afternoon Figure/Portrait class. Afternoons 1pm - 4pm

This program is designed and run by classically trained Instructors: Jay Blums and Naomi Marino

2019 Fall Term - S-M-F September 9 - Sunday, December 15

2020 Winter Term - S-M-F January 6 - Sunday, April 5

2020 Spring Term - S-M-F April 13 - Sunday June 28

 **Full Day Term Cost Includes Model Fee

  • Full Day = Bargue & Cast and Figure/Portrait Class Description

  • See Price Chart Below

  • No Refunds once your class has begun: NO EXCEPTIONS

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