Students bargue and cast drawings

Students bargue and cast drawings

Class Description: Bargue & Cast

This course is designed to teach students invaluable skills for improving their drawing abilities and ultimately mastering a skill set. Bargue drawing students will graduate to drawing plaster casts directly from life using the sight-size method. Casts are ideal for learning because they are white (limiting the complexity of the color palette somewhat) and they are immobile, allowing students to concentrate on shapes and values. Skills learned translate directly into working effectively with live models for figure and portraiture.

• Increase your powers of observation

• Simplify what you see

• Design shapes accurately and model form effectively

• Straightforward, logical methodology, excellent preparation for cast drawing from life.

Port-folio prep and referral to classical atelier programs available, beginners to professionals wishing to greatly enhance their drawing skills, all are welcome to take this course.