Attending a workshop...

I have been asked by many if we would create a digital video of how we paint and to share this on You Tube or sell online. There is a plethora of video's, DVD's and digital down loads out there and some are excellent resources for the student who can not travel far or afford to attend a workshop. We feel there is no need to keep saturating the market with more from us that has not already been done.

For those who can attend a workshop though it is such a wonderful experience to get your creative juices flowing, receive wonderful critiques and tips as well as meet potential new friends and additional contacts for your artist network. I feel this is so important and helps propel each artist to the next level faster. Most instructors who teach workshops are genuinely interested in their students future and often will keep in contact long after the class has finished. 

If you are lucky enough to attend a workshop perhaps close to you or even if you have the funds to pop over to Italy to study at one of the many academies that offer summer classes, please consider just how much richer you will be for being in such a wonderful environment with fellow artists all coming together to share one common interest, art!

Enjoy if you can and if not then I can recommend a few artists who  already have excellent digital or book lessons available.

Sadie ValerieVirgil Elliott's book is a good resource and Natural Pigments web site forum is also helpful. Also visit Realist Art Resources