Our Mission Statement

The Russian River Atelier is a collaborative working and teaching art studio shared by highly trained professional painters with backgrounds in, and a love for, traditional realism.

Through the classes and workshops, RRA offers an approach to painting and drawing grounded on acute observation of nature using systems refined through centuries of experience and passed down through generations of master artists and their disciples. We believe these skills are attainable by anyone willing to put in the time and effort to learn them. From beginners who’ve never held a paint brush, to seasoned painters looking to broaden their palette, the Russian River Atelier provides a supportive, inspiring, and student-friendly space open to all.

About the Russian River Atelier and how it came to be

The RRA is a small, privately funded atelier that functions as a working studio for local artist Linda Schroeter. Linda opened her first space in 2008, first in Geyserville and then in 2017 the studio moved to a larger space north Santa Rosa. Believing in building a community of like minded artists who can work together and encourage each other to succeed, all the artists invited to the studio is for the sole purpose to pass onto others their craft. These artists are full time, working artists themselves relying on their teaching and painting sales to make a living.  Linda feels passionately about helping artists who have dedicated their lives to keeping this traditional time honored craft alive, and often through difficult circumstances.