Materials List The Basic Forms Oil Painting

I would like to preface this materials list with my philosophy on materials in general… I am a firm believer in the saying “it is a poor workman who blames his tools.” I personally use materials/supplies on the cheaper side; student grade paint, cheap brushes, etc. You are by no means required to use the same brushes and palette that I do! If you have materials you prefer and know well please feel free to use them and save your money… The only argument I have for using the same supplies as me is that because I have such a comprehensive understanding of them, and experience with them, it is less likely that I will have difficulty helping you with a roadblock as a result of your chosen materials. If you are curious about the supplies I use or have any questions feel free to reach out!


All of my paint is Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color (this is student grade paint)


Titanium White

Naples Yellow

Cadmium Yellow Light

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Red Medium (OPTIONAL)

Permanent Alizarin Crimson

French Ultramarine

Pthalo Blue

Permanent Green Light (OPTIONAL)

Burnt Umber

Raw Umber

Lamp Black

IF YOU PREFER A SPECIFIC BRAND/TYPE OF OIL PAINT YOU ARE WELCOME TO USE THAT! My recommendation for building an effective palette is 1 white (preferably not zinc), 1 black, 2 umbers, And two of each primary, one warm and one cool. IE 2 blues(1 warm 1 cool), 2 yellows (1 warm 1 cool), and 2 reds (1 warm 1 cool).


On Medium: A medium is a substance used to alter the consistency of your paint. It should be used sparingly but is very useful for certain fundamental aspects of oil painting.

The only medium I use is Old Masters Italian Wax Medium. It is on the expensive side, but a single tube lasts me a couple years.

Again, if there is a medium you prefer, please use that.


I use the Richeson White Melamine Oval Palette, size 9x12”

I like these palettes because they are cheap and easy to clean!


This is probably the most expensive investment for painters. I do not want anyone to feel pressured into buying all of these brushes! These are the brushes I use most often, do the best you can, I am happy to share some brushes if you cannot find or afford all of these!

Bristle Brushes:

4 Filbert Bristle size 2

4 Filbert Bristle size 4

4 Filbert Bristle size 6

(OPTIONAL) 2 Filbert Bristle size 8

Synthetic Brushes:

1 Flat wash ½”

1 Flat wash 1”

Detail Synthetics:

4 Filbert Synthetic size 6

4 Round Synthetic size 0

Sable and Synthetic Sables:

2 Robert Simmons Oval Mop ½”

2 Princeton Select Oval Mop ½”

2 Sable Round size 4

2 Sable Round size 2

1 Large Sable Flat size 18


We will be working on pre-primed mounted canvas

2 Large Canvas Boards 18x24”

2 Small Canvas Boards, either 8x10” or 9x12”

You are welcome to get these, they are cheaper…

But I recommend these, they are nicer to work on…


Please bring any still life props that you would like to paint!

RRA has some lovely still life options, but I recommend bringing something that really inspires you! Try and keep things small and simple, since we don’t have a ton of time—even the most simple objects can be beautiful when painted well!

Some recommendations are:

Small vases, marbles, silk/synthetic flowers, sea shells, boxes, solid (not printed or patterned) fabric, and whatever else you might enjoy working on!