9:30 PM21:30

Portrait Painting

instructor Jay Blums
August 21st - 25th, 5 day, M-F 10-5 $625

Working in one of the most enjoyable and satisfying genres of painting, we will learn traditional oil painting techniques for capturing a likeness, mood, and character. Mornings will be devoted to presentations, demos, and exercises, with everthing learned then put into practice during the afternoon working from a live model.

This class is perfect for beginners, but also offers a supportive environment for more experienced painters to hone their skills. Among the thing we will cover are:

-a comparative measurement system to allow the student to capture an accurate likeness at any scale
-the stages of a painting
-how to perceive values correctly
-all aspects of color, including how to use value, chroma, and hue shifts to model form
-how to pace yourself and prioritize
-how to work logically from the “general” to the “specific”
-paint handling, whether transparently applied or using thick impasto
-how to control the boundary betwwen the lights and shadows to describe form and texture

Model fee included; materials not included. Materials list and further details will be provided upon registration. 

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